Walchem Releases Software Upgrade v.3.03 for W600/W100 Controllers

Walchem has released their latest software updates to the W600/W100 controllers which includes the following changes:

  • New Feed Monitor digital input type for W600 controllers allows you to connect a feed verification device, like PosiFlow, and alarm if the pump fails to operate, automatically attempt to re-prime the pump, totalize the chemical feed, etc.
  • The feature where a biocide or timer event can be selected to occur immediately after an interlock clears has been re-named from “Interlock Delay” to “Add Last Missed”.
  • Conductivity-based biocide prebleeds will now be forced to have a time limit also associated, so it’s no longer possible for the prebleed to last forever.
  • Added an Air Calibration for contacting conductivity sensors to improve accuracy.
  • Modified the % Timer algorithm so that a new cycle starts if the sample period setting is changed.
  • Fixed an issue in W600 where Web Server Failure alarms are not cleared from the display after the alarm is cleared.
  • Fixed an issue in the W600 where too many timer events can result in a reboot.

Cick here to access the software upgrade for your controller