eSR with Flex Reports™ is cloud-based data management software that allows you to create a centralized location for data entry, data storage and analysis. All of the features included in eSR are designed to enhance the consulting aspects of service-oriented companies.


Aliquot is the companion app to eSR with Flex Reports™ that allows for mobile data collection. Available for iOS and Android devices.



Panel Builder is an online water treatment panel configuration tool designed to streamline the equipment selection process. Get a complete control panel quote in minutes with Panel Builder. This includes a quote with detailed pricing, parts list, diagram, and supporting technical documents.



Kraken eCommerce websites allow you, your reps and your customers a convenient approach to ordering products. We give you the ability to control the site by choosing which products and prices are shown. Kraken eCommerce websites are private labeled with your company logo giving you a truly unique storefront to help grow your business!