eServiceReport is the water treatment industry’s leading online reporting Software as a Service (SaaS). By using a cloud-based design, eServiceReport allows water treaters to save both wet test and controller data, generate graphs, upload documents and do much more within a single location online. All of the features included in eServiceReport are designed to enhance the consulting aspect of your company’s water treatment program.

Turn your reports in to a sales tool!

eServiceReport is the leading online reporting Software as a Service. With eServiceReport’s cloud-based design, you have a single location for your employees and customers to input, analyze, and store data.

Color-coded test results makes graphing data easy and can be used to configure automated alarm emails. Add more value by configuring your customer’s compatible devices to automatically send data to your eServiceReport site for long-term storage. All of eServiceReport’s features are designed to save time as well as enhance the consulting aspect of your business.



Key Features


Make it Yours With Site Customization & Branding

Each eServiceReport site comes with its own unique domain name of your choosing, its own separate database, and private labeling. Unique site artwork includes your company’s logo and custom brand name.

Time is Money

Save time when entering data by using pre-configured comments and previewing previous test results. Tedious tasks like manually compiling customer reviews or emailing reports are now handled by built-in features.

Performance Comparisons

Color-coded test results make a “green is good, red is bad” concept easy to illustrate with eServiceReport’s graphing tools. Include graphs when writing your reports to better illustrate technical analysis.

Focus On Critical Test Results

Included data analysis tools help create a paper trail for all critical test results which fall outside of established control ranges. Setup automatically-created alarms to add another layer of communication and documentation..

Include Automated Data From Your Equipment

eServiceReport can receive data from compatible communications-enabled devices. Customers with PLCs can also add compatibility. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and analysis benefits of having user-entered and device data in one location.

Mobile Data Entry with Aliquot App

Aliquot is a testing app designed to make the journey from acquiring test data to customer reporting easy and seamless. Aliquot allows for offline data collection and then integrates with eServiceReport software allowing for increased efficiency.

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