Boiler Panels

High temperature / high pressure sample cooler panels with temperature monitoring and divert valves for sensor protection.

Key Features:

      • Stainless Steel back panel (30” x 40” shown)
      • Private labeled badge with your logo
      • SC-316 Sample Cooler
      • Pressure regulator
      • Temperature sensor
      • Divert valve controlled by temperature
      • Isolation valves for hot sample, cooling water, and cooled sample
      • Welded SS sensor manifold
      • Union connections for sensor maintenance

Custom Controller and Sensor Options:

      • Conductivity
      • pH
      • Fluorescein

Connect Your Internet-Enabled Feed and Control Equipment for Remote Access and Email Alarms:

Sample Cooler Specifications:

      • SS Welded construction
      • ¼” Hot sample connections
      • 3/8” Cooling water connections

Pressure Regulator Specifications

      • 316L SS construction
      • 20 micron inlet filter
      • 0-100 psi outlet pressure range


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