Feed and Control Systems

If you’re looking to establish a standard equipment product line within your organization, simply provide our design team with your unique product requirements or specifications and we can create a standardized chemical feed and control equipment package for your company.

If your equipment requirements vary on a case-by-case basis, we also assemble custom chemical feed and control systems for your specific water quality monitoring application. Our experienced in-house team works with you to design a water treatment control panel based on the unique requirements for each job. We offer many of the top brands of pumps, sensors and water treatment analytical controllers for you to choose from when building your system.

Panels and accessories can be customized to your needs. Simply give our team your specs and we will design and build a custom system for effective water quality monitoring.

Our chemical feed and control systems are:

  • Designed with an emphasis on safety, quality, and functionality
  • Typically constructed with materials that include 1⁄2” HDPE or 3/8” PVC panel material and stainless-steel square tubing frame material
  • Fully assembled, wired, configured, and pressure tested prior to shipping
  • Available with additional services such as AutoCAD drawings
  • Custom designed for your application


The Need for Water Quality Monitoring

With the increased service demands being placed on water treatment professionals, simple and easy-to-install water treatment control panels and skid mounted chemical feed and control systems are becoming a necessity rather than luxury.

These systems are available as “water in-out” and provide a means of servicing your customers with a complete chemical feed and control system that is built to industry best practices with quality and safety in mind.

We build custom chemical feed and control systems for your specific needs and in a wide variety of configurations for nearly any application. This includes systems that require:

  • High pressure
  • Extreme conditions
  • Exotic metals

Our in-house sales and engineering team will discuss your application, space limitations, access requirements, pressure, temperature, and any other site considerations as part of the quoting process. For repeat or simple applications, our line of standard panel and skid systems can be quoted and delivered quickly.

Our extensive product line includes controllers, pumps, tanks, water meters, sensors and accessories. This means you have access to all of the required components shipped from a single supplier with your chemical feed and control panel.


Save Time During Equipment Startup

Our prepackaged panel and skid mounted systems are built to your exact specifications and shipped with all panel mounted sensors properly landed and labeled in the controller. By designing all our systems to be fully integrated and easy to install, you save time during the equipment startup process.

Simple to connect union ball valves are our recommend option on most systems. The inlet and outlet true union ball valves provide the flexibility of threaded or solvent welded connection to the treated systems, allowing connection to metallic and non-metallic piping. An installation kit can be provided with all systems to make install as quick and painless as possible.

Cooling Tower Panels  |   Boiler Panels  |   Pump Skids



Quality control checks are built into our process

We pride ourselves on building quality products and that’s why systems are electrically checked, and hydro-tested prior to shipment. This quality check greatly reduces the amount of time spent on-site troubleshooting wiring or leaks.

Our chemical feed and control systems are designed with an emphasis on:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Functionality

Most of the time you simply need to plug your chemical feed and control panel in, configure the controller, and connect a water in/out source. Our prepackaged chemical feed and control systems eliminate the need for wasted trips to the hardware store looking for fittings and other items to finish an equipment install.


Add Remote Monitoring Capabilities to Your System

Our pre-configured water treatment analytical control systems can be equipped with any of the AquaPhoenix modemMillie cellular modems for remote water quality monitoring. These industry-leading communication systems work with a variety of carries and can be shared with multiple water treatment control systems near the units.

The AquaPhoenix modemMillie routers are pre-configured and pre-installed when purchased with a chemical feed and control system. With modemMillie you can:

  • Connect your internet-enabled feed and control equipment
  • Create a secure and reliable on-site connection
  • Access a WiFi hotspot for internet and email access when on-site
  • Monitor systems remotely

Monitor Critical Systems with Enhanced Reporting Tools

eSR with Flex Reports and Aliquot® Pro allows you to create a centralized location for data entry, data storage and analysis. All of the features included in eSR and Aliquot are designed to enhance the consulting aspects of your business and improve site management.

Users have access to a variety of features including:

  • Access system data 24/7
  • User-entered reports
  • Report-generated email alarms
  • Simplified and customizable reporting
  • Data storage from external devices
  • Tracking water and energy usage
  • Manage inventory
  • Document storage (SDS, Data Sheets, etc.)

All eSR features can be used as sales tools and save you time over traditional documentation methods. Bring more value to your customers through enhanced monitoring and reporting tools with eSR and Aliquot.


Private Label Your Equipment Package

Let us customize your equipment with a personal touch and professional look through custom engraved panels and nameplates.

We offer private labeling on:

  • Water Treatment Control Panels
  • Controllers
  • Tanks
  • Pump Enclosures
  • PLC’s
  • And more


Upgrade Your Equipment Line Today!

Start building your chemical feed and control system today. Our customer service team will guide you through the process. Get started by requesting a quote. After we gather the details, we will provide a complete quote and work with you to choose the best equipment for your application.


Build your panel online


Build your panel online and in just minutes with Panel Builder, our online panel building program.  This includes a quote with detailed pricing, parts list, diagram, and supporting technical documents. Sign up here.


Cooling Tower Panel

Our pre-assembled wall-mount cooling tower control panel features a Walchem WCT600 controller with conductivity monitoring and control.


Boiler Panels

High temperature / high pressure sample cooler panels with temperature monitoring and divert valves for sensor protection.