Max Feed: 3.96 GPH (15 LPH)
Max Pressure: 100 PSI (6.9 bar)

  • Patented TFD (Tube Failure Detection) system protects against chemical spills from a worn out tube and activates an alarm output relay
  • Self-Priming against maximum line pressure
  • Cannot Vapor Lock or Lose Prime
  • Four pump tube material options: Norprene®, Norprene® Chemical, Tygothane®, and FKM
  • New and Improved Pump Head provides increased performance and strength.


Variable Speed Models (continuous pulse free output)
Continuous pumping, even while adjusting the percentage of output. See image below.

A-100NV (digital display control)
A-100NF (dial knob control)

Fixed Speed Models (intermittent cycle time output)
You control the pumps feed by using timers (built-in or external). Usually fixed speed outputs can be adjusted by:

  • Selecting the pump head tube size.
  • Choosing the desired RPM (revolutions per minute).

A-100NE (digital display control)
A-100NC (time interval control – 5 second cycle timer)