Feed and Control Metering Pumps

Feed and control metering pumps are crucial for many industries and applications. Acting as the primary delivery system for liquid products, high-quality chemical feed pumps can accurately and safely deliver the required quantity of product to the treated system.

We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of chemical feed and control equipment. As a stocking distributor for many of the top industry brands, we offer a variety of chemical metering pumps and will help you find the pump solutions you need. Here is an overview of our chemical feed and metering pump offerings.

Common types of Metering Pumps:

  • Diaphragm metering pumps are the most common, deliver the highest pressures and can be configured with several control inputs making them capable of precise control. When well maintained, diaphragm metering pumps often cost less to operate and are more energy efficient.
  • Peristaltic metering pumps are simple to operate and commonly used to deliver products that “gas off.” They are also more forgiving than diaphragm metering pumps and work better with thick or dirty materials. Modern peristaltic pumps are also available with several control inputs and can be configured to deliver precision doses of products.

Various Types of Metering Pump Controls

  • On/Off control is the simplest and most common means of control.
  • Proportional control is commonly used when the precise delivery of product to a specific setpoint is required. The most common methods are 4-20 mA and pulse (digital) control via a controller.
  • Device Net type control is available on some models. Examples of these are Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet IP, Serial, and Ethernet.


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Why Is It Important to Have High-Quality Pumps?

A high-quality properly applied chemical metering pump will ensure an accurate and safe chemical delivery to your treated system.

Here are other reasons why pump controls are so important:

  • You can prevent employee injuries: A properly applied, high-quality metering pump keeps you and your customers safe. With the proper materials of construction, pressure rating, and ancillary components such as tubing, valves, and fittings, the metering pump will consistently deliver the product to the treated systems in a safe and accurate manner. Selecting the proper pump and materials for the application will result in fewer malfunctions and a longer equipment lifespan.
  • You can protect surrounding equipment: A leaking control pump could damage nearby equipment, resulting in expensive replacement costs. You can keep your other machinery safe with a high-quality chemical feeding pump and the proper ancillary equipment. Pump enclosures are also great for protecting pumps and containing leaks.

Metering Pump Applications

Nearly every industry that requires the precise addition of liquid products into a system requires metering pumps. Metering pumps are commonly used to deliver liquid products to boiler, cooling (HVAC), wastewater, domestic water, and many other industrial water systems.

Metering pumps are selected based on capacity, materials, pressure, and control features. With the proper combination of these, a metering pump can deliver products to the treated system with precision and consistency.

Applications for chemical metering pumps include:

  • Cooling tower corrosion and scale inhibitor feed
  • Cooling tower biocide feed
  • Cooling tower oxidizer feed
  • Boiler deposit control feed
  • pH adjustment
  • Closed system chemical feed
  • Potable water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Lubricants
  • Metal working fluids
  • Any application requiring the precise addition of liquid products

AquaPhoenix Chemical Feed and Metering Pumps

Pumps are a key component for any feed and control system. Many factors such as pressure, flow rate, liquid type and location are involved in determining the best pump for the job. Our staff has extensive first-hand experience in determining which pump to recommend.

We stock a wide variety of chemical dosing pumps to ensure that you have options to select the brand and model of pump that best fits your needs. Our in-house support team can also provide support and service options for most pumps.

When you shop with us, you’ll also experience:

  • No-hassle returns
  • Fast order turnaround
  • No minimum order restrictions
  • Industry-leading customer service
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee


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Our Selection of Metering Pumps

We are proud to offer many premier feed and metering pumps. No matter what industry you work in, we can help you find the metering pump that suits your needs best.

Here are some of the chemical metering pumps available at AquaPhoenix.


Iwaki metering pumps are designed for a broad range of applications, and are manufactured to the highest quality standards that exceed even the toughest customer expectations


Pulsafeeder Pumps

Our fin cooled Solenoid enclosure dissipates heat ensuring that the pressure handling capability of the pump can be maintained. The thermally protected solenoid protects the pump from seizing up in extreme heat conditions with an automatic reset feature allowing the pump to resume operation up on cool-down. All PULSAtrons are tested and rated under hot conditions guaranteeing that the flow and pressure ratings meet the specifications.


Grundfos Pumps

Intelligent dosing pumps with advanced drive and process control technology represents the ideal solution for increasingly complex applications. At dosing volumes up to 30 l/h, the SMART Digital DDA, DDC, and DDE offer extreme dosing accuracy and several control and communication options. The compact pumps can easily be mounted on horizontal or vertical surfaces with the click-stop mounting plate.


Prominent Pumps

Solenoid diaphragm metering pumps from ProMinent deliver reliable metering even under the harshest operating conditions. Solenoid diaphragm metering pumps with an output range of 0.74 to 75 l/h at a back pressure of 16 – 2 bar can be used in virtually all applications.


Blue-White Industries Pumps

Blue-White Industries is a leading manufacturer of chemical metering pumps (diaphragm, peristaltic), flowmeters (variable-area, paddlewheel, ultrasonic), and water treatment accessories.



Iwaki Air’s Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps are engineered for maximum utility. They are portable and easy to install, operate, and maintain. Infinitely variable flow rates and variable discharge pressures can handle a large range of fluids, including corrosive chemicals and flammable liquids. The AODD pumps can run dry, self-prime and dead-head without damaging the pump.