For customers who are looking for something a little more unique, we also offer integrated systems that combine H2trOnics controls technologies with Neptune Benson filtration solutions. More about the H2tr0nics Vortisand Filtration


H2trOnics has a licensing agreement with Neptune Benson Vortisand to allow us to provide custom filtration solutions to the HVAC market using a combination of H2trOnics controls technology and the industry-leading Neptune Benson filtration technology.

For more information on a customized solution, contact our sales team.

    • Save Water
      Use less water for backwashing compared to traditional sand filters

    • Be Green
      LEED credit can be achieved with Vortisand by using less water and energy

    • Ease of Operation
      Automatic fully automated operation, maintenance reminders, and a friendly interface
    • Custom made
      We can build a system specific to your needs