We offer a selection of high-performance Evoqua Water Technologies Vortisand® Filtration Solutions to our customers in the HVAC market. These units use a combination of our controls technology and the industry-leading Evoqua Water Technologies filtration technology.

What is Vortisand® Crossflow Filtration?

Vortisand® is a high performance automatic backwashable sand filter filtering down to 0.45 micron, 10 to 20 times finer than other media filters. Vortisand® combines sand filtration with crossflow continuous cleaning in the same vessel.

The Vortisand® technology uses a tangential inlet to introduce water in the filter vessel with a kinetic energy that creates a unique swirling action. Using this vortex effect to provide a crossflow filtration condition, the Vortisand® allows the water to flow parallel to the top layer, producing a sustained cleaning action that forces the suspended solids to accumulate on the inside wall of the vessel and in water above the media. As a result, microsand can be used to filter out the fine particles without clogging rapidly. Thus, contaminants are trapped above the sand and are easily removed using an automatic backwash cycle, which requires less water and a shorter backwash sequence than traditional sand or multimedia filters. The end result is a technology that can remove down to sub-micron levels at 4 to 5 times the flow water of other media filters, while requiring 80 to 90 percent less water for backwash.

  • Save Water
    Use less water for backwashing compared to traditional sand filters
  • Be Green
    LEED credit can be achieved with Vortisand® by using less water and energy
  • Ease of Operation
    Automatic fully automated operation, maintenance reminders, and a friendly interface
  • Custom made
    We can build a system specific to your needs


Interested in learning more? We’d be happy to talk through the details of your specific needs.