next™ Sand HZ Filter Systems

Now offering a 5.0-micron nominal, lower-cost solution for HVAC applications where pressure and/or temperature are not a concern. The ultrahigh surface area, high porosity, surface microstructure, and abrasion resistance are ideal for high TSS and high turbidity water sources. These filtration units also have an optional 4G connection for remote alarming and can be private labeled!

We offer flexible configurations and units can ship unassembled for installation in challenging footprints and locations (small rooms, basements, etc.). Contact our team to get more details or request a quote using the form below.

Advantages of our next™ Sand Filtration:

  • Higher filtration efficiency
  • 1/2 the water usage
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Longer filtration runs
  • 2x the flow
  • Smaller footprint
  • Higher dirt loading due to media porosity
  • Reduced backwash frequency
  • Optional 4G connection for remote alarming



Design Features

  • This media offers more filtration advantages over conventional sand, sand & anthracite, multimedia, and other filter media products for pressure vessel applications.
  • Bed flux rates are variable and operate at much higher flow rates when compared to other filter designs. Flow rate range of operation is between 12 – 20 gpm/sq.ft. of media surface area as compared to 3 – 7 gpm/sq.ft. of media surface area of conventional sand & multimedia filters.
  • Higher flow rates translate into a smaller footprint filter design.
  • The media characteristics also allow for longer filtration cycles between backwashes.
  • The backwash rate is equal to the filtrate rate under normal conditions due to the filtered suspended solids loading within the entire media depth. The water volume used during backwash will be offset by longer filtration runs.
  • Backwash time can be variable between 6 – 10 minutes and is field adjustable.
  • Conventional sand & multi-media filters use more water as they are designed for longer backwash times of 10 – 20 minutes and require 1½ times more backwash flow compared to the filtrate flow rate.

Smart Controls

      • H2trOnics PLC based with HMI Color Touch Screen interface monitor
      • Field adjustable features for variable loop conditions
      • BAS dry contacts
      • Real-time visual filter illustration of operation
      • Alarm warning for pump and valve faults
      • Three backwash modes of operation: auto, manual, time
      • Backwash countdown timer
      • Production screen for backwash gallons used and number of cycles
      • The setup screen is password protected


If you’d like to learn more about these filtration systems, please contact us. We’d be happy to talk through the details of your specific needs and provide a quote.