Controllers are an essential part of any well-designed feed and control equipment package. Our experience in designing feed and control solutions has given us familiarity with a wide variety of manufacturers in the industry. We recognize that there are many good choices for controller manufacturers and that is why we offer many of the top brands. You can choose from controllers available in our on-hand inventory or allow us to custom order the controller of your choice.

We are a stocking provider of Walchem, ProMinent, Advantage, Pulsafeeder, and more. These controllers offer features such as Internet connectivity for superior control as well as electronic data management. We inventory these product lines so that we can offer you both a quick turnaround time and competitive pricing. Our team also has extensive experience custom designing PLCs for both off-the-shelf and unique applications.

WALCHEM Controllers

Walchem manufactures a wide variety of controller series for the entry level and high end market, including the W600 and W900 controller lines.

Their controllers are designed boiler, cooling tower, and general water treatment applications. They also feature a variety of communications capabilities as well as various feed and control methods. The W600 and W900 series can be configured to communicate with eServiceReport.


ProMinent AEGIS II controller

The new AEGIS II provides reliable control and offers flexible communication options to optimize efficiency and profitability for all your cooling, boiler, and waste water or disinfection applications.


Advantage MegaTron XS

MegaTron XS makes continuous monitoring and control of industrial water systems such as cooling towers, boilers and wastewater easy with a user-friendly ATM-style menu and a large 16 line full graphic display that allows complete programming from the keypad.


Pulsafeeder MicroVision EX

MicroVision EX is a microprocessor-based Conductivity, pH, and ORP controller, with the features and functions you need for accurate monitoring and control of cooling tower water.



The H2trOnics AquaTouch PLC-based control system offers expandability and flexibility not typically found in off-the-shelf water treatment control systems.

Allen Bradley PLC technology allows H2trOnics to provide a suite of standard water treatment control methods along with the ability to create custom control methods where required.

The color touch screen is also a protocol converter which enables the AquaTouch to communicate with almost any plant BMS, DCS, or SCADA system.

The AquaTouch can be configured to communicate with eServiceReport.