The modemMillie™ cellular modem keeps your equipment connected to the Internet 24/7 with its own cyber-secure connection. Using DirectConnect and the latest cellular & LAN routing technology, modemMillie™ provides ANY Ethernet-ready equipment its own secure connection.

  • Independent control:  Simple setup with no need to work with IT departments.
  • Connections are cyber-secure using DirectConnect reverse tunneling technology.
  • Industrial grade design with electronic boards rated for temperatures of -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C).
  • Data plans tailored to industrial monitoring, pre-activated, and ready to start.
  • Optional Wi-Fi hotspot allows onsite laptops to wirelessly connect to controllers, email reports from the site, etc.
  • Compatible with web-based monitoring packages.
  • modemMillie™ fits ALL brands of Ethernet-ready equipment (controllers, PLC, RTU, etc).
  • No software to install – Continue using your web browser or pre-installed controller remote software.
  • One modemMillie™ can support multiple controllers.
  • IP67 Ethernet bulkheads for secure, watertight connections
  • High gain, low profile antenna


Secure remote access to any controller from any connection

  • No public IP, not even dynamic
  • In-bound ports are locked down
  • Internal firmware establishes a secure connection to a cloud server
  • HTTPS point-to-point encryption for all connections
  • Remote users can securely connect to controllers from any Internet-connected devices (computers, tablets phones, etc.)


Many model configurations are available. Contact us to learn more and find the right option for you.