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modemMillie industrial cellular modem

modemMillie industrial cellular modem

If you’re an industrial water treatment professional, keeping your equipment and devices connected to the internet is more important than ever. Many people use cellular modems to connect their internet-enabled feed and control equipment to cellular networks. These modems are easy to install and offer more flexibility than wired connections. You can have confidence knowing your monitoring equipment remains online. Additionally, adding cellular modems to your equipment allows field technicians to have access to a WiFi hotspot when on-site, giving them the ability to connect laptops and mobile devices for better connectivity when troubleshooting and reporting.

AquaPhoenix is a proud manufacturer of the modemMillie™ cellular modem. A leading option, this industrial cellular data modem offers superior capabilities. But what is a wireless data modem, and how can it help you better monitor your equipment and systems?


What Is a Cellular Modem?

A cellular modem allows laptops, desktops, tablets and other devices, like controllers, to connect to cellular networks. These networks consist of 4G (or LTE) connections instead of cable lines. With a SIM card or Ethernet cable, you can connect a cellular modem to a device. You typically attach these tools directly to your device or sometimes to the wall, where they identify the network wirelessly. A cell modem is also known as a USB modem, a broadband adapter or a 4G modem.

Modems ensure your equipment remains online and internet-connected at all times. It also provides secure and high-speed data transfer for cloud-based reporting software tools.


The modemMillie™ Industrial Cellular Modem

The modemMillie™ industrial cellular modem keeps your chemical feed and control equipment connected to the internet 24/7 with its cyber-secure connection. Using DirectConnect and the latest cellular and LAN routing technology, modemMillie™ provides ANY Ethernet-ready equipment with its secure connection. The complete modemMillie™ line of industrial cellular modems is designed to bring reliability and simplicity to water quality monitoring.

These fully-featured communication devices provide you with complete remote monitoring and control of your internet-enabled feed and control equipment. You can receive alarms, answer emails and upload data from anywhere internet service is available. The integrated Wi-Fi provides local wireless access to the feed and control equipment and serves as an internet hot spot. It allows you to use your phone or laptop to access your online service reporting tools, email and documentation on-site. Data plans are also available to pair with your system.


Product Features

As one of the premier connectivity devices on the market, the modemMillie™ comes with stellar features. They include:

  • Independent control: The modemMillie™ has a simple setup process, and you can easily install and control it from your location. You won’t have to work with IT departments or face high installation costs.
  • Cyber-secure connections: The modem uses DirectConnect reverse tunneling technology to keep your connections highly secure and protected from malware.
  • Industrial grade design: This industrial wireless modem has a modern and durable design, featuring electronic boards rated for temperatures of -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C).
  • Ready-to-use data plans: The high-speed data plans are tailored for industrial monitoring. They’re also pre-activated and ready to start immediately after installation.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot: The modemMillie™ has optional Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities. This allows on-site laptops to wirelessly connect to controllers, email reports from the site and more.
  • Aliqout: Compatible with Aliquot Software and App, you can use the modemMillie™ to access your data reports at all times.
  • Versatility: The modemMillie™ fits all brands of Ethernet-ready equipment, from controllers to PLC and RTU.
  • No additional software: You don’t have to install any extra software. Simply continue using your web browser or pre-installed controller remote software.
  • Adaptability: One modemMillie™ can support multiple controllers, making it an excellent investment for your technology.
  • IP67 Ethernet bulkheads: These create secure, watertight connections for harsh environments.
  • Modernized antenna: The high gain, low profile antenna provides high-quality connectivity.


The Advantages of Using modemMillie™ Cellular Modems

With the many wireless data modems available, it’s important to find the one that provides the best quality for your needs. The modemMillie™ is set apart from its competitors with its many advantages.

Here are a few examples of modemMillie™ benefits.


Easy Internet Access

With the modemMillie™ system, you can create your internet connection and Wi-Fi hotspot for a reliable on-site connection. You can easily link to your equipment, reporting software, email and more. Setup is simple and our team will help with every step of the process.

The internet connection process involves:


Monitor Critical Systems With Enhanced Reporting Tools

Aliquot is a cloud-based data management software that allows you to create a centralized location for data entry, data storage and analysis. All of the features included in Aliquot are designed to enhance the consulting aspects of service-oriented companies. modemMillie™ gives you full connectivity to your Aliquot site database.

With this system, you’ll experience these abilities:

  • Access to system data 24/7
  • Better data helps you prevent system issues
  • Peace of mind with report-generated email alarms
  • Simplified and customizable reporting
  • Track water and energy usage
  • Manage inventory


Affordable Data Plans

Stay connected with our affordable and renewable data plans. We offer a variety of plans, including multi-carrier and international options. Contact us to learn more about choosing the data plan best for you.

single-port modemMillie industrial cellular modem two-port modemMillie industrial cellular modem four-port modemMillie industrial cellular modem

Three Models Available

AquaPhoenix carries three different models of the modemMillie™ system. Each differs slightly in size and specifications so you can select the best system for your needs.

These are the three versions available at AquaPhoenix:

  • MM-T10: This unit features a 1-port industrial-grade cellular modemMillie™ with optional Wi-Fi and a compact enclosure.
  • MM-T20: In this style, you receive a 2-port industrial-grade cellular modemMillie™ with Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • MM-T40: The MM-T40 includes a 4-port industrial-grade cellular modemMillie™. Its specifications feature Wi-Fi, dual SIM capabilities and a multi-carrier option.


Update Your Cellular Modem Today!

You can upgrade your cellular modem now with a modemMillie™ from AquaPhoenix. Request a quote today or contact us with any further questions. Our team is happy to help you find the best option and guide you through the installation process.