flomotion-fms-1Flomotion FMS Series Flow Meters
Economical small-diameter flow sensors for reliable full-pipe flow measurement with low-cost and fast installation. The FMS Series electromagnetic flow meter easily connects to many common controllers.
FMS Series features include:

  • Accuracy to ±2.0% of rate (steady flow)
  • Compatible with pulsating flow pumps
  • Flow range from 0.5 to 950 GPH
  • Pressures to 150 PSI
    Volumetric flow rate measurement independent of fluid viscosity, density and temperature
  • No moving parts for zero maintenance
  • LED status indicator
  • Empty Pipe Detection (standard)

Flomotion FMS series Specifications

Flow Range 0.5 to 950 GPH (50 to 90,000 ml/min)
Connection Union with NPT, compression or socket inserts. PVC Standard, PTFE Optional
Output Pulse, Empty Pipe, Error, Alarm. NPN 20mA max.
Fluid Minimum 15μS/cm conductivity
Wetted Materials Configuration E:

PEEK Body, Hastelloy C Electrodes,

EPDM Elastomers

Configuration F:

PEEK Body, Titanium Electrodes, Viton

(FKM) Elastomers

Fluid Temperature 32-104 °F (0 to 40 °C)
Maximum Working Pressure 150 PSI @ 77°F
Sensor Enclosure NEMA 4X
Sensor Power Requirements 24 VDC 100mA (+/- 10%)
Installation Horizontal or Vertical (flowing up)
Accuracy (Pulse) ±2.0% RS (100%~20% of the maximum

working flow-rate (Qmax)

±0.4% FS (20%~5% of the maximum

working flow-rate (Qmax)

Sensor Weight (approx.) 7 oz. (FMS05, FMS10)

10.6 oz. (FMS20)


Additional Resources

Flomotion FMS Series Data Sheet