Chemical Feed

Shop our selection of chemical feed equipment including injection quills, corporation stops, bypass feeders and corrosion coupon racks.

Bypass Feeders

Bypass Feeders are a convenient and safe way of introducing treatment chemicals, like corrosion & scale inhibitors, into hot or chilled water circulating loops. Bypass/Filter Feeders are available in flat Read more


Corrosion Coupon Racks

Our pre-assembled corrosion coupon racks are built on a solid and durable 1/2” blue HDPE back panel with 3/4” schedule 80 PVC plumbing. The union style holders eliminate the need Read more


Injection Quills

Eddington Industries injection quills are designed to ensure a more uniform and rapid dispersal of injected chemicals into the center stream of a process pipeline. This prevents corrosive liquids from Read more