H2trOnics joins AquaPhoenix

June 12, 2017

We are excited to announce H2trOnics has been acquired by AquaPhoenix Scientific, a manufacturer and distributor of water quality test kits, reagents and testing equipment for industrial applications. AquaPhoenix is Read more

Walchem Announces v3.07 Software Upgrade

Walchem’s latest software upgrade is now available and improves the performance and reliability of several existing features: Fixed an issue where the pulse proportional control pulse rate could be twice Read more

Announcing Pulsafeeder MicroVision EX eServiceReport Compatibility

H2trOnics is proud to announce that Pulsafeeder’s MicroVision EX Pulsalink capable controllers are now compatible with eServiceReport. Pulsafeeder customers can now benefit from eServiceReport’s controller-related features such as long-term controller Read more

Walchem Releases Software Upgrade v.3.03 for W600/W100 Controllers

Walchem has released their latest software updates to the W600/W100 controllers which includes the following changes: New Feed Monitor digital input type for W600 controllers allows you to connect a Read more

W600 Press Release

Announcing Walchem W600 eServiceReport Compatibility Walchem has released the new v.3.01 software upgrade for the Walchem W600 controller which allows for eServiceReport compatibility.  This latest W600 software upgrade gives it Read more