Announcing the new H2trOnics equipment rental program

March 1, 2018

Customers can now take advantage of the new equipment rental program by H2trOnics to test our new technologies as well as utilize them for short-term projects without having to make any big-ticket purchases. Available rental equipment includes Vortisand filtration, chlorine dioxide generators, and portable flow meters. For more information, contact H2trOnics for your quote.

The Nexus between Mechanical Filtration and Chemical Treatment in cooling water applications

Written by: Keith Karl, Filtration Product Manager Selecting the right filtration technology for all applications becomes easy when you perform a Particle Distribution Analysis (PDA). Laser counters are the most commonly used and are accurate and affordable. Considerations must be given to determine if the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) illustrate a majority of total counts Read more

Announcing Walchem W900 eServiceReport Compatibility

H2trOnics is proud to announce that the new Walchem W900 series controllers are now compatible with eServiceReport. Walchem users can now benefit from eServiceReport’s controller-related features such as long-term controller data storage, graphing and trending functionality, and controller-specific reporting. Contact your eServiceReport system administrator more information on configuring your Walchem W900 series controller to push Read more

H2trOnics Expands Filtration Capabilities

As the water treatment industry continues to evolve, H2trOnics explores new ways to provide sustainable solutions while reducing operating cost such as energy, water, labor and downtime. Striking the right balance between chemical and mechanical treatment programs is critical for success. In pursuit of these goals, H2trOnics has hired Keith Karl, a filtration solutions expert Read more

AWT 2017 Convention and Exposition

You’re invited to visit H2trOnics at the AWT 2017 Annual Convention and Exposition in Grand Rapids! Come visit H2trOnics at booth #515 and 517 for a first-hand look at some of our most popular feed and control equipment packages as well as our latest updates to eServiceReport, the industry’s most popular online reporting software application.