Chlorine Dioxide Consulting

H2trOnics strongly recommends the use of chloine dioxide (ClO2) disinfectant in cooling systems. Click here for more information on the advantages of using chlorine dioxide in your water treatment project.

If you’re unsure of whether chlorine dioxide is the right choice for you, we offer consulting in several phases: pre-trial, field trial, cleanup, and optimization and maintenance. We also offer ongoing consulting on an as-needed basis.

Pre-Trial Phase: We can guide you in determining the best chlorine dioxide generator for your project, where to inject the disinfectant, train your employees, and even help present materials.

Field Trial Phase: When testing a new material for use in your business, you want the test to be as accurate as possible. We can help you handle the installation, training, and monitoring.

Cleanup Phase: We’ll help you with the on-site testing and monitoring during the 1-5 day testing cleanup phase.

Optimization and maintenance: To get the most out of your chlorine dioxide, we’ll provide guidance for how often to treat and how much to use for 1-5 days.

If you’re ready to incorporate chlorine dioxide into your water treatment system, contact us now for a consulting fee schedule.