Aliquot Continues to Add Popular New Features

Aliquot, the mobile companion app for eServiceReport, has seen several updates over the last quarter in an effort to continue to add new features. Many of these new features are already heavily utilized by eServiceReport users and are now available for Aliquot users as well. Look for more popular features to continue to be released soon.
Features recently added to Aliquot include:

  • Calculated Tests – Added calculated test functionality
  • Visit Reports – Added visit reports
  • Operator Logs – Added operator logs
  • Component Comments – Added component-specific comments included image attachment capabilities
  • Component Offline Status – Added the ability to mark any component as offline
  • Map View – All facilities now displayed as map pins
  • Map View – Tap on a map pin to get routing directions, create a report, or reschedule service
  • (Coming Soon) Save Final – Added ability to save reports as final
  • (Coming Soon) Save Final With Signature – Added ability to save reports as final and collect a signature