We are a manufacturer providing custom feed and control equipment, test kits and reagents, as well as eSR with Flex Reports™, the industry’s leading online reporting software. Located in Grand Prairie, Texas, our in-house design and development team utilizes the latest in technologies and a variety of leading manufacturers to deliver a turn-key water treatment system which is designed for each unique product application. Our team is also experienced with a wide variety of filtration products. In addition to filtration, our simple and reliable NC3150-III chlorine dioxide generator is utilized for many product applications where chlorine dioxide is beneficial.

Whether your need is to purchase products for an off-the-shelf control system, integrate a custom PLC application, fabricate a customized skid/panel, or utilize software such as the industry-leading eSR w/ Flex Reports™ for data analysis, we can provide you with the perfect solution for the task at hand.