We provide the water treatment industry with feed and control equipment as well as eSR w/ Flex Reports™, the industry’s leading online reporting software. We stock a full line of chemical feed and control equipment from most major manufacturers to allow our customers to be able to conveniently call or walk in and purchase equipment from our extensive on-hand inventory. Our experienced in-house equipment support team also provides customer support when needed.

We also build standard, modular, and custom-designed skid and panel systems to meet our customer’s specifications. All of our designs emphasize safety, quality, and reliability. These systems are fully integrated, easy to install, and can even include customized features such as enhanced communication tools and private labeling.

Our eSR software is designed to enhance the consulting aspect of water treatment by allowing water treaters to save both wet test and controller data, generate graphs, upload documents and do much more within a single online database. All of the features included in eSR w/ Flex Reports™ are designed to enhance the consulting aspect of a company’s water treatment program.

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