eServiceReport is the water treatment industry’s leading online reporting Software as a Service (SaaS). By using a cloud-based design, eServiceReport allows water treaters to save both wet test and controller data, generate graphs, upload documents and do much more within a single location online. All of the features included in eServiceReport are designed to enhance the consulting aspect of your company’s water treatment program.


eServiceReport is the water treatment industry’s leading online reporting Software as a Service (SaaS).  By using a cloud-based design, eServiceReport allows water treaters to save both wet test and controller data, generate graphs, upload documents and do much more within a single location online.  All of the features included in eServiceReport are designed to enhance the consulting aspect of your company’s water treatment program.
Developed and supported in-house at H2trOnics, eServiceReport is used by companies all over the world.  Each company’s version of eServiceReport is private labeled and has its own unique domain name and separate database.  Our onboarding process also includes a setup and training session that shows how eServiceReport can be used as a sales tool to both obtain and maintain customer accounts.
Companies use eServiceReport to help keep their customers informed about the status of their operating equipment.  Their customers also benefit from features like automatically emailing alarms for out-of-spec test results, attaching image files with their reports, and generating comprehensive customer review reports.
Have you ever spilled a cup of coffee on your desk, had your computer stolen, or had a hard drive fail?  Incidents like these could result in data loss if you were using traditional paper reporting or saving a Microsoft Office file on a local computer.  In eServiceReport, data is stored on redundant servers which are backed up incrementally and housed in a state-of-the-art data hosting facility with multiple fail-safes in place.  In addition to protecting against data loss and ensuring 99.9% site uptime, eServiceReport meets the data hosting requirements for end customers with sensitive data such as defense and technology manufacturers or government agencies.

Managing Your Site

You will have complete control over how your customers are configured on the site as well as which features your customer users can access.  Managing a large multi-facility corporate account?  eServiceReport’s customer hierarchy allows for multiple facilities, buildings, and systems that all roll up under a single customer entry.  Single location customers are also easy to access with their main features only a click away from the home page.
By using our copy customer feature, adding new customers to your site takes only minutes.  Simply choose a customer with similar water chemistry and all of your equipment, tests, and alarms can be cloned.  All that is needed is to enter the new customer’s contact information and your users will be ready to start creating reports.
Your company also has the ability to create templates for each user’s security settings. This ability covers a variety of customer user roles such as an individual facility manager needing access to a single location or a corporate manager needing access to all facilities.

Controller Compatibility

eServiceReport can receive data from many of the industry’s leading controller manufacturers such as: Walchem Webmaster/Webalert, Aquatrac MultiFLEX/Aegis/Smart-AS, Hydro Triton, H2trOnics AquaTouch PLC, Bob Alert, Advantage Megatron, and Lakewood (to be released in Q2 2014).  Interested in a controller that is not listed here?  Simply have your manufacturer contact us to add us to their control platform.
Unlike data saved in controllers themselves, often memory-limited to around 60 to 90 days, controller data sent to eServiceReport has no expiration date.  From the moment your controller starts to push data to our application, an ongoing record is created and maintained over time.  Controller data can be used to generate inventory reports, calculate evaporation credits, generate elution studies, or even create trend graphs that can also include service report and operator log data.  Troubleshooting an issue that requires connecting to the controller? With only a simple click of the mouse, users can connect to compatible controllers while within eServiceReport.
Setting up a typical controller to send data to eServiceReport is easy.  Simply send us your completed one-page setup form located in eServiceReport and we’ll do the work: our team will confirm that your controller has a phone or Internet connection, connect to and configure the controller, and then add a new record to your eServiceReport site. Once this is done, all you or your customer has to do is reset the controller to complete the process.


Data Entry

Entering data in eServiceReport is not only easy to do but also saves time compared to traditional reporting methods.  Further, each test in a service report or operator log can change color to indicate the status of the test result.  Test results entered within the control range turn green, while out-of-spec test results turn yellow, orange, or red to indicate increasing degrees of severity.
In addition to giving the viewer context on how far the test result is outside of the control range, eServiceReport also allows you to view reports that give a statistical breakdown of each color level.  Need to inform the customer any time a key test reaches a dangerously out-of-spec threshold? eServiceReport can be configured to automatically generate email alarms for any user for any color level.
Perhaps you just completed an equipment cleaning or installed a new feed and control system.  With eServiceReport, you can take a picture with your mobile device and upload it to the site in order to attach it in the body of a report.  By documenting tasks such as these and including pictures, eServiceReport allows you to create a detailed record of value added to the customer outside of routine service testing.
Our software features also save time when users enter a service report or operator log.  As users click a box to enter a test result, they are able to see the date, time and results of the last three reports giving the author additional context for out-of-spec test results when they are determining which corrective actions to enter.  Pre-configured report phrases are available to each user, allowing sentences or paragraphs of text to be added to a comment with only a few clicks of the mouse.  eServiceReport even supports calculated tests which are automatically entered as the user types their normal test results.


Graphing and Trending

Your customers will appreciate how informative and intuitive our graphing features are, making eServiceReport an excellent sales tool.  Wet test, controller, and inventory data can easily be analyzed in pie chart, line graph, or bar graph formats.  Additional statistical reporting is shown for each color-coded green, yellow, orange, and red test result.  Statistics on color-coded test results help to give the user context for both the frequency and severity of out-of-spec test results.
Our user interface also makes graphing easy.  Many items can either be pre-configured as templates or graphed with only a few clicks of the mouse.  Need to use your data outside of eServiceReport?  Many of our graphing tools allow the user to export their data in PDF, CSV, or Excel file formats.



Communication of data is always of vital importance topic to your customers, which is why eServiceReport has features that proactively send outbound data via email.  This feature means that your customers are not required to login to eServiceReport to stay informed.  Using context-specific alarms for each test, users can automatically receive email-based alarms depending on the color-coded test result.  eServiceReport can even automatically email copies of any type of report as they are entered on the site.  Utilizing features such as these enables you to ensure that your customers stay informed in real-time without having to first login to eServiceReport.


Would You Like to Know More?

Many additional features in eServiceReport are helpful as time management or account retention tools.  Want to know more? We invite you to contact us to schedule an interactive webinar to allow your company to experience eServiceReport firsthand.